Ruth was born September 27, 1957 in Texas, but has been a resident of Oklahoma since she was a child. She has three wonderful children. Russell Paul (her firstborn), was born at home in 1975 when she was 17 years old. She had two lay-midwives in attendance. Ruth labored 12 hours, and he weighed 8 lb. 4 oz. Stephanie (2nd), weighing 7 lb.12 oz. was born in 1981 at Hillcrest Medical Center following 24 hours of failure to progress in a planned homebirth. She believes her posterior position, and the fall she had taken two days prior to the birth was responsible for the failure to progress. Clayton (last, but definitely not least) was born in 1983 at home with midwives attending. He weighed 9 lb. 6 oz. and she labored for 9 hours.

Ruth was actively catching babies through her last two pregnancies. She has 6 grandbabies! She was honored to actually catch two of them. Grandchildren are such a gift, she is loving it! Ruth’s family has been, and continues to be, very supportive of her practice, especially when the hours get long and tiring. She has to give them credit for the many sacrifices they’ve made to supporting having a midwife for a mother. Ruth is asked many times if she ever gets tired of the job and she can honestly say she gets tired, but never of the job. Midwifery is much of what defines who Ruth is.

  • I believe birth is a natural physiological process that when nurtured, but otherwise left alone, will function beautifully. I am very aware that as a midwife, complications in birth need to be managed; however, as a rule I do not believe that normal birth must be “managed.”
  • As a Christian, I believe that God created the woman’s body to powerfully and wonderfully bring forth children. Through the years, I have watched and assisted in this process with awe and respect. I believe this is the most incredible physical event we experience. Next to God and my family, there is nothing that gives me more satisfaction. I will try my best to be what you need. That means giving you the support, love, time, information and skilled midwifery care that will ensure an enjoyable home birth.
  • I believe midwifery to be a “calling” and feel blessed to have the gift of midwifery in my life.


Certified Nurse Midwife (CNM) – American College of Nurse Midwives
Certified Professional Midwife (CPM) – Midwives Alliance of North America

In 1977, at the age of 19, Ruth began her apprenticeship with her aunt, a lay-midwife of 10 years midwifery experience. She has served in the Tulsa area since 1977, and much of her training began as “hands-on” experience. There are also countless hours of self-study and research. However, in 1997 Ruth began formal education towards a degree in nurse midwifery.

Education/Experience Institution Years
Bachelor’s Degree Northeastern State University 2001-2002
Associates Degree Nursing Tulsa Community College 1997-2001
Associates Degree Liberal Arts Tulsa Community College 1997-2001
Certified Professional Midwife North American Registry of Midwives 1997
Certified Senior Midwife Oklahoma Midwives Alliance 1985-2005
Nationally registered Emergency Medical Technician 1983-1989
Certified in CPR (adult and infant) 1983 – present
Neonatal Resuscitation Program 2005 – present
Intensive Midwifery Studies Maternity Center in El Paso, TX 1977-1983
Neonatal Symposium St. John’s Hospital in Tulsa, OK 1986
18 months apprenticeship 1977 – 1978
Masters of Science in Nursing Degree – Nurse Midwifery State University of New York 2002-2005

I believe midwifery to be a “calling” and feel blessed to have the gift of midwifery in my life.

Ruth Cobb • APRN, CNM, CPM, Special Delivery Midwifery Care



Jenni Anthematum

Jenni began supporting families during childbirth after seeing a need while doing local community outreach work.

She took her doula training in 2009 and started working as a private practice doula/placenta encapsulator as well as volunteering with Crisis Pregnancy Outreach. 

After attending several client’s births at Special Delivery, she began working in our front office part time. Eventually, her role expanded to office manager, onsite phlebotomists and 2nd assistant to our midwives. She offers her doula and encapsulation services to our clients as well. 

She’s passionate about serving  Special Delivery families as part of our close knit team. 



Marlita Camacho

Marlita’s passion for birth started at a young age. She believes it was having a mom as a midwife that got her comfortable with birth. When it was time to have her own family, Marlita and her husband chose home birth with both of their biological children. They were later blessed with a daughter through adoption. In 2003, she started working as a doula, as well as volunteering with Crisis Pregnancy Outreach. She then decided to expand her services and become a Midwife Assistant because she wanted a more hands on approach, and her passion has always been natural birth. The midwives at Special Delivery have welcomed her and taught me so much and she is excited to be working with such an accomplished, well-established team!



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